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calexico the lonesome organist

tadpoles in a cup

11/21/06 11:48 pm

As a tragically lazy and well...lazy maintainer of this thingy-mah-jigger, it has taken the boredom of returning to muncie indiana with nothing but a couch full of tiny puppies who lick my feet to entertain me to cause me to write in this. IU has been well and good to me, and it makes me feel ectatically happy.
In other words, apparently physic tingling elliot sensed has caused him to decide that i must be with child from a fish god, so in lack of a decent name for it, group consensus decided upon Rufio fish-egg Mcnugget Trice.
In my absence, my parents have bought two dogs. one italian greyhound Iggy Martini and a wee malti-poo named gusgus. they're small, and sweet, and smell like coffee and puppy. they almost break my heart.

9/17/06 10:15 pm - why do firetrucks drive around when it rains?

so on an rainy sunday evening i am sitting in my room with a horrendous head-cold and not a box of tissues to be found anywhere. Since it has been awhile, i guess i should say some things on the college experience.
It lasts much longer than normal life, because i get possibly at most 5hrs of sleep a night. This is not because of the academics by any means, but more of the fact that people here in collins are rather nice and enjoyable to socialize with. Classes aren't terribly thrilling except for Japanese Popular Culture through Fiction, which has been fun and interesting. Bloomington of course is full of boozing and hippies, but the hippies for the most part aren't the psudeo-hippiedom that you find so many places.
I went to the tibetian cultural center, which is where the Dalai lama's older brother lives, and i got to play with his pet dog. I learned alot about esoteric tibetian buddism, which i do not like as much as zen buddism. but for all my learnings i got free food at little tibet, which is a delicious place with only a slight hint of decades of oppression.
(by the way, there is a girl in on my classes who can't actually feel pain, i mean she lacks the correction synaptic chemicals to percieve it, its rather facinating)

1/6/06 05:27 pm - this has been a burn-out christmas break

i got accepted into IU Bloomington, with scholarships available and such.
i should be excited about this, yet i'm not.

12/19/05 02:45 pm - hello extended

What gives pears there gritty texture? I was told it was a silicon compound but i can find nothing to prove it. Planning on writing college essays has failed miserably has i have no attention span for them and instead pace the house daydreaming. I have absolutely no attention span to focus on anything, which makes this all the harder to do. Always multitasking at the academy has left it harder to cope with having nothing really to do. I could be like Jim and decided to learn Mayan while i'm bored but i lack this bizzare sense of motivation. Hopefully everyone else is enjoying a much more entertain winter break so far.

12/9/05 03:06 pm

well, i saw wheatus (the "teenage dirtbag" band) which would of been really hip, six years ago.
it's hell week and i've been in a deteriorating state of neuroses for awhile now. If anyone is keen on writing 40-50pgs of papers i have due, you're more than welcome to.

11/14/05 11:08 pm - i will live there


11/11/05 12:51 am

we had a big trip to emens to see Yamato, which reminded me of Taiko drumming concerts. It was a very fantastic concert and was a fantastic use of 5 dollars besides buying me coffee. Jennifer and I are going to my house for the weekend for a pre-birthday party since no one will be in town over thanksgiving break. Sarah got a copy of SAW II and i'm wondering how mentally healthy i need to be to watch that. its ridiculous college apping, with 4 of my Universities taking the common app and then writing the uncommon app for U of C. i wouldn't mind except for the fact my writing is just horrible. its horrible enough that it make Ms. Fallon sad to consider how smart i am and how bad my papers are.
but in a week it'll be break, and i'll get to borrow a nifty old camera and learn to take photos. and get presents, like boots and things. i've really meant to make a list, but it still hasn't happened yet. i much perfer the wait-and-see method myself.
derek got a new bird and named it Havelock, i think Havelock tasty person sounds better. not makes sense, but sounds better.

10/29/05 08:19 pm

well, this may be a bit long. but for once this has been a very exciting few weeks. Stratford was just fantastic, the plays were all really worthwhile, my two favorites was the hippie "as you like it" with all the music done by barenaked ladies (which is surprising catchy rendition of shakespeare songs) and "into the woods" it just had the most beautiful set and costume design.we ate poutine and merigne and noodle and juice bars. At quarks they had fuzzy microbes! i have loved those things since i read about them in virgina science material magazines. then there was the obvious chocolate buying at the duty-free shops on the way back.
Wednesday was haley's 13 birthday making her now official transtition of buying demographics. she got her hot topic goods and a terrifyingly monsterous baby doll, one of those evil demon children they sell at spencers.
and this weekend has been a kristin roose-planned adventure. We packed our things and went to the nile for a late night dinner. then we bungled about trying to get to scotty's house and meet with lil and then make a mad dash for gasoline while in a town that even the gas stations close at. we then got to hot tub it, which became immemsely too warm almost immediately. there was the average movie-watching, followed by sleep. today we went to bloomington which i find is abosulutey wonderful. we ate at a wonderful turkish restuarant,with mats on the floor to sit and turkish tea and pides. the owner gave me a pide for free and gave us all gum. we found lilly and jim and went to a cd store where i have purchased my fill of birthday music. and while walking went to one of many vintage stores there and this wonderfully cluttered and full bookstore. this does sounds all a bit less exciting when put in words, but it has been a very wonderful week, and in another week will be extended, what luck!

10/21/05 11:28 pm - in stratford, canada

today is the 2nd day of canada-ing. We saw fallen angels last night, a pretty funny play. Today was a shopping day and i got fuzzy disease and infections. We saw a hippie version of "As You Like It" which actually fit together pretty well, with amazing music by barenaked ladies. Then we had pizza and met Rosalind and then saw "Hello Dolly" which was pretty good. i perfer the depressing musicals, fiddler on the roof, west side story and whatnot. Then we had the pavolva night, which is just so mind-blowingly delicious.
tomorrow is more shopping and we'll see the tempest and then "into the woods" as our finale. it should be amazing. hopefully i have nice gifts for everyone.

10/6/05 10:40 pm - amanda plays rock accordian

the life as an art majors photo model is distinctly lacking. you trudge to location in whatever costume is needed, disregarding weather and find yourself holding awkward poses till your arm muscles start to spasm. At that point then you're slathered in cream face paint and then try your hardest to pose while not getting the paint on the clothes themselves.
I least i am recompensating in potato fries.

So in other words its mid-term and my sleep schedule is seriously off-whack, my ears ring, i have a throbbing headache, and a paper to write on william shatner. yes, indeed a paper on william shatner. it could either be a work of art or the most horrid of nightmares. also i have misplaced everything a person could possibly need, so this evening is off to a most excellent start. Cassie'll brew me some coffee and then off we go.
have a lovely extended or whatever days you get off in the near future.
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