zane (zanebeast) wrote,

amanda plays rock accordian

the life as an art majors photo model is distinctly lacking. you trudge to location in whatever costume is needed, disregarding weather and find yourself holding awkward poses till your arm muscles start to spasm. At that point then you're slathered in cream face paint and then try your hardest to pose while not getting the paint on the clothes themselves.
I least i am recompensating in potato fries.

So in other words its mid-term and my sleep schedule is seriously off-whack, my ears ring, i have a throbbing headache, and a paper to write on william shatner. yes, indeed a paper on william shatner. it could either be a work of art or the most horrid of nightmares. also i have misplaced everything a person could possibly need, so this evening is off to a most excellent start. Cassie'll brew me some coffee and then off we go.
have a lovely extended or whatever days you get off in the near future.
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