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we had a big trip to emens to see Yamato, which reminded me of Taiko drumming concerts. It was a very fantastic concert and was a fantastic use of 5 dollars besides buying me coffee. Jennifer and I are going to my house for the weekend for a pre-birthday party since no one will be in town over thanksgiving break. Sarah got a copy of SAW II and i'm wondering how mentally healthy i need to be to watch that. its ridiculous college apping, with 4 of my Universities taking the common app and then writing the uncommon app for U of C. i wouldn't mind except for the fact my writing is just horrible. its horrible enough that it make Ms. Fallon sad to consider how smart i am and how bad my papers are.
but in a week it'll be break, and i'll get to borrow a nifty old camera and learn to take photos. and get presents, like boots and things. i've really meant to make a list, but it still hasn't happened yet. i much perfer the wait-and-see method myself.
derek got a new bird and named it Havelock, i think Havelock tasty person sounds better. not makes sense, but sounds better.
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