zane (zanebeast) wrote,

why do firetrucks drive around when it rains?

so on an rainy sunday evening i am sitting in my room with a horrendous head-cold and not a box of tissues to be found anywhere. Since it has been awhile, i guess i should say some things on the college experience.
It lasts much longer than normal life, because i get possibly at most 5hrs of sleep a night. This is not because of the academics by any means, but more of the fact that people here in collins are rather nice and enjoyable to socialize with. Classes aren't terribly thrilling except for Japanese Popular Culture through Fiction, which has been fun and interesting. Bloomington of course is full of boozing and hippies, but the hippies for the most part aren't the psudeo-hippiedom that you find so many places.
I went to the tibetian cultural center, which is where the Dalai lama's older brother lives, and i got to play with his pet dog. I learned alot about esoteric tibetian buddism, which i do not like as much as zen buddism. but for all my learnings i got free food at little tibet, which is a delicious place with only a slight hint of decades of oppression.
(by the way, there is a girl in on my classes who can't actually feel pain, i mean she lacks the correction synaptic chemicals to percieve it, its rather facinating)
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