zane (zanebeast) wrote,

As a tragically lazy and well...lazy maintainer of this thingy-mah-jigger, it has taken the boredom of returning to muncie indiana with nothing but a couch full of tiny puppies who lick my feet to entertain me to cause me to write in this. IU has been well and good to me, and it makes me feel ectatically happy.
In other words, apparently physic tingling elliot sensed has caused him to decide that i must be with child from a fish god, so in lack of a decent name for it, group consensus decided upon Rufio fish-egg Mcnugget Trice.
In my absence, my parents have bought two dogs. one italian greyhound Iggy Martini and a wee malti-poo named gusgus. they're small, and sweet, and smell like coffee and puppy. they almost break my heart.
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