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calexico the lonesome organist

tadpoles in a cup

9/27/05 12:02 am - a weekend a home

i went to see the corpse bride. The sound system was tetchy and we were getting quite annoyed, so we got recomp tickets and got to see the rest of it in the theater next to us. I enjoyed it, it was a morality story in a way, so i thought it lacked little details that i enjoyed about nightmare before christmas. The bad news was the next day my arm went numb, as in asleep numb for about 8 hrs. alex is being all helpful and keeping my shoulders from knotting up and killing me. Today for our amazing spirit week theme was crazy hair. so i have gelled red dreads. the gel is so hair i could stab an eye out with my hair, plus it bounces against my glasses, hair is not normally to bounce like that. the room-person is happier now, boys going from being assholes to being lovely.

i sat and read Eurypides Medea while drinking coffee in the later afternoon. its my favorite of all the greek plays so far. Since he was an agnostic, his plays are much more human, and so i find, more powerful. also, playing disc in the mud can be a very bad idea when it comes to cleaning your shoes afterwards. just so you know

9/19/05 12:08 am - apparently the least used word in the english language is conquistador

happy speak like a pirate day everyone

9/18/05 01:11 am - we are having a party in Jen's room

this has been a more eventful saturday than most. We walked to Thai smile and ate much and dicussed how much the chinsese government sucks. i found how that abandoned chinese girl-childs are shipped to alaska,and i'm not very sure why. We went to the village green and watched the most amazing movie "the haunted creature from the sea" you get the feeling is must be a monster movie or something, but no it just becomes blantantly absurdist 20mins in. and then we leave to watch another movie, the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. It was much better than i thought.
much love goes out from jennifer, Debbie and I to those who made the civitas videos, they gave us much joy. much spasming laughing joy.

9/8/05 12:53 am - gift from amanda

if it works and one bothers to watch it, that newscaster has balls of steel.

9/5/05 12:43 am - labor day extended

with the days off have been alright, painting and cooking and avoiding filling out my copious college applications in general. 6 separate college applications are going to be annoying to fill out. Today i went swimming and a host of hot air balloons flew overhead. they were close enough to wave.
Vishnu my rabbit died this week, she got out and maggie tried to play with her. which resultantly killed her.i never get told these things until i'm happy and back at home. at least everything else is very well and alive which is some sort of a reassurance.

8/29/05 09:57 am - saturday was yart day

friday we stopped by quad bash, it wasn't very exciting. the band was not nearly as good as last years, but they did have hamster wheels, inflatable balls you fit inside to run around in.
A new record store opened in the village, where vintage shmintage used to be. they have books, records, cds, and alternative comics. its really fantastic. the most wonderful thing was that they had posters for free, i took something like 5 to decorate the room. its now my favorite store in the village. afterwards we traveled to yart and looked at all the tables set up. i bought a few shirts and this photos of a horrendously ugly bird, but ugly in the way you love it. adolesent birds have beaks too big for their faces. we also checked out dan's downtown records, i spent most of it looking at hideous record covers.

sunday there was a concert at tally. i stayed with matt in a booth and doodled while everyone in their hip get-up swayed by the stage. i always keep expecting them to dance, but they never do. like crazy repressed non-dancing white kids.

8/25/05 09:31 am - definte integrals are not exciting in the least

so, i have had the uneventful week of homework and finding out that writing a contract for calc is the most frustrating thing ever. i was out scouting places to take photos, and at mcculaugh(sp?) park we found this old K-9 training center, and right next to the fence i found this gianormous windoe-weight like things. they feel like something i could use to smash zombies in, but of course i get back to the academy and everyone assumes they're huge steel phalli. you all have filthy filthy minds.
i forgot to vote today, but i hope you win important sits in whatever alex

8/18/05 01:43 pm - today i got a package inside it was

-popping wrap
-half a shall necklace
-a plant holder
-pill organizer
-a bird's nest

and i'm not really sure what it all means

8/14/05 11:39 am - always forgetting to update

when i'm back at the academy. things just seem to go so quickly by. I've had two days of classes so far. its kind of an odd schedule but it should go well. right now i'm playing a super-scary point n click game. i'ts horrifyin but i can't stop watching it.

8/7/05 01:44 am - back in the muggy land of indiana

school in 2 days and just one thing to say: i'm madly in love with richard D. james
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